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200 Hour
yoga teacher training


This eight-week course will be led by the dynamic duo, Dave and Lauren Porter, and will feature additional health and wellness experts who offer a wealth of knowledge and experience. Whether your goal is to become a powerful yoga teacher, or you aspire to deepen your understanding and experience of yoga, this training will provide you with the tools to transform your perceptions, awaken your heart, and access your potential.

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Porter Yoga's mindfulness-based Power-Vinyasa yoga teacher training is designed to revive your senses, strengthen your body, stimulate your intellect, and arouse your inner wisdom. Based on the criteria for a 200-hour teacher training set forth by Yoga Alliance, we will explore the theory and practice of Patanjali’s eight limbs of yoga, mindfulness meditation, human development and transformation as it relates to yoga philosophy, the science behind how the mind and body work together, and the art of engaged public speaking and teaching. After the training, not only will you have a working knowledge of these areas, you will also be able to integrate this knowledge into your yoga practice and your daily life.


Techniques, Training, Practice

  • Asana [practice, alignment, sequencing (50 hours)]
  • Mindfulness meditation (10 hours)
  • Subtle body (Chakras & Koshas) (15 hours)

Anatomy & Physiology

  • Physiology [(including neurobiology, interpersonal neurobiology and remaining physiological systems (15 hours)]
  • Anatomy & biomechanics (15 hours)

Yoga Philosophy

  • History of yoga (4 hours)
  • Yoga psychology & self-transformation (26 hours)
  • Ethics (10 hours)

Teaching Methodology

  • Cultivating presence and safety (10 hours)
  • Social justice and antiracism in yoga (5 hours)
  • Voice and communication (10 hours)
  • Business of yoga (2 hours)
  • Teaching practicum (28 hours)


This training is open to anyone who has a love and or curiosity for yoga, and who has a basic understanding of the practice. Regardless of your level or years of experience, your openness and readiness to learn is what will make this teacher training meaningful to you. Further, you may or may not be interested in becoming a yoga teacher! If this is the case, you will still benefit greatly from the training offerings as they are designed to awaken your potential in all areas of your daily life.

About Dave Porter
Dave’s yoga journey began twenty years ago as a practitioner at The Funky Door Bikram studio in San Francisco, California. Working as a tech recruiter at the time, he would go on to train with Bikram and Baron Baptiste and leave the tech world behind to become one of the co-founders of CorePower Yoga. Together with the late Trevor Tice, the founder of CorePower Yoga, Dave helped the dream of making yoga accessible to the masses come true by building his dynamic classes from one practitioner to one hundred.

Dave was the lead teacher trainer at CorePower Yoga for many years and has shaped hundreds of deep hearted and soulful yoga teachers. Dave’s classes are known for their intensity, soulfulness, and rigor. Dave as a teacher is known as someone who packs the yoga room, offers a balance of challenge and support on the mat, and guides you to your heart through your own sweat and tears. If Dave were to consolidate his love for yoga down to one word, it would be “community.” Dave offers a depth of insight on the business of yoga and wisdom into the energy required to cultivate a stellar yoga sangha.

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About Lauren Porter
Lauren completed CorePower Yoga's teacher training in 2003, Kundalini teacher training in 2015, and an advanced Forrest teacher training module in 2017. Lauren’s early teaching career supported her through graduate school at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado where she studied Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, mindfulness meditation, and Gestalt Therapy. Over the past seventeen years, Lauren has discovered many parallels and synergies between yoga and her counseling studies, which she blends together in an accessible and fun way in all of her teachings. If Lauren were to describe yoga in one statement, it would be “the practice of reclaiming our hidden parts of ourselves and embracing our shared humanity."

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Participants will receive their 200 hour RYT certification from Yoga Alliance

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Training Dates:



Dave and Lauren Porter


Early Bird Pricing: $2,785
Pricing: $2,985
$500 deposit by check required to submit application ($200 non-refundable)

Information Sessions:
All information sessions will take place at the studio