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TRX MBody Teacher Training

Join Hot Elevation Studios for this Exclusive TRX Professional Education Course! Hot Elevation is one of the first studios worldwide to offer the TRX MBody certification. Delivered by TRX Certified Master Trainers, the MBody teacher training will equip participants with the most leading-edge functional movement training available on the market today!

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Attendees will receive both live and online training, a detailed digital training manual, a Lifetime TRX certification, and links to the TRX Community. This course is open to instructors and students and will deliver the foundations of functional movement to successfully instruct students of all levels.


• Access to an exclusive TRX online portal to view additional training material, as well as pre-designed workouts/classes
• 27 brand new workouts (9 per format) delivered quarterly online
• Access to the SF TRX Training Center to participate in classes
• Digital Training Manual


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Mprove classes master the basics and are designed to push you to the next level while combining more functional training tools including: exercise bands, and hand weights. Each class implements stations to keep each session dynamic and fun. Be prepared to test your conditioning and strength levels while continuing to maximize results in only 45 minutes!

Mpact classes push participants to new levels of strength using the TRX Suspension Trainer, Functional Training Tools, and their own bodyweight. While Mpact classes emphasize the development of quality functional strength and lean muscle mass, participants will still get a healthy dose of heart-pumping conditioning drills to reset their systems and give them an extra challenge in each session.

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Mpulse classes focus on improving cardio and building muscular endurance, while promoting weight loss and burning calories. Participants watch their heart rates soar with multiple rounds of strength + cardio work using the TRX Suspension Trainer and other Functional Training Tools. This fun, high intensity, interval-heavy class offers all the movement enhancing benefits of TRX Suspension Training, while seamlessly integrating a wider range of conditioning and functional training methods.

About Your Trainer - Miguel Vargas
Miguel Vargas eats, sleeps, and breathes all things TRX. “Straps & Sticks” has become his passion over the past 6 years and has helped him excel in swimming, cycling, and natural bodybuilding. As a TRX Coach, his goal is to deliver exciting, challenging, and safe classes for athletes of all levels. Miguel is also a Senior Course Instructor responsible for delivering the TRX Education Journey to the latest and greatest TRX course attendees.

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Participants will receive a Lifetime TRX Certification

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Miguel Vargas


Space is limited to 14 participants... register now!