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Hot Elevation Teacher Training Programs


Hot Elevation Teacher Training Programs draw from more then 30 years experience of yoga, pilates, cycle, barre, functional fitness and weight training to deliver the most comprehensive trainings available. Hot Elevation Teacher Trainings, the curriculum is only the beginning! We dive deep into the layers of successful teaching, finding your voice and stepping into your greatness as an instructor. It is our goal to confidently prepare you and support your journey as you take your practice and your life to new levels!

Interested in Hot Elevation Teacher Training Programs?

yoga instructor teaching a group of students
group of students on stationary bikes smiling
Yoga instructor helping a student and class with a yoga pose

Why Hot Elevation Studios Teacher Training?

There are so many benefits to taking a teacher training; deepening your personal practice, learning to teach to stepping outside your comfort zone!

Top Reasons For Taking a Teacher Training:
1. Deepen your personal practice
2. Personal growth
3. Continuing education
4. Learn to teach
5. Expand your existing repertoire, learn new skills, tools and methodologies
6. Find your voice
7. Follow your heart

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Hot Elevation Teacher Trainings

“I highly recommend the Cycle Teacher Training with Buddy Macuha. Buddy is an exceptional and inspiring teacher. His ability to incorporate humor and fun into the training is beyond compare!

The Cycle studio is top notch with state of the art equipment, an amazing sound system with insane acoustics and the perfect amount of heat to encourage a cleansing sweat!“

~ Susan L.

"Having been an avid yoga practitioner for over two decades, I was looking for a diverse and innovative way to enhance my practice and start to teach some form of yoga after completing a yoga teacher training with Dharma Mittra in NYC several years prior.

The Sculpt Teacher Training was the right formula for achieving just that, as it introduced a new avenue for teaching that was fun, easy, and not so intimidating as teaching power yoga. The Sculpt Teacher Training allows for incredible creativity with a framework to develop your own sequence that is easy to remember and provides a solid workout!"

~ CJ Popp